Thursday, 4 December 2008

A blooming good time.

The Yucca plant in flower in March this year to the south of the Garden in the Sky. In the photo BELOW is another March event, the ice-plant on the western boundary. The strong colour of the flowers splashed over an otherwise featureless areas is very welcome. The ice plant in gardens on the fringes of Los Angeles helped to dilute the effect of the brush fires of recent years because of its water content, so they say.

A False Pepper Tree (they are fast growers and droop to give shade) on the right and a Phoenix Palm, recently shaved, to the left. The photo was taken looking west from under the Garden in the Sky with the lighter green of orange trees rising from the terrace below us.

Continuously in flower since summer 2007 when received as a golden gift from friends, the hibiscus below is in a pot on the terrace where we see it every day.

A COMMENT on the previous blog
 DANGER is an anagram for GARDEN.

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