Monday, 29 September 2008

Why is the chair there?

Can you deduce or guess why it is there, lying recklessly or positioned carefully on the ivy, bignonia, honeysuckle and vine of the garden in the sky?
(See the blog 'Looking Around', 5th August, 2008 for explanation of the 'garden in the sky').

Send your solution to the address below:

The chair, by the way, is the lightweight, collapsible type used for putting in the car boot for taking to the beach to sit on while you eat your sandwiches, or carrying to a shady spot in the garden to read "The Language Instinct" by Somebody Pinker way from the concerns of the younger folk.

Closing date: Ocober 15th or shortly after.
Some of the answers, if not all, will be published on the blog with or without the name of the writer. Please tell me if you do not want your name to be published.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!